Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Watching the Character grow


Can't wait to get another novel up. Working title "Stricland and Scanlon". I'm sure that will change as soon as I see it in the novel. This one is a long one and it's been difficult. This was one of the ones that I hand wrote just to see if I could do it and what was it like before the dawn on the typewriter then voila the laptop.
One thing I can say is that when you're writing by hand you really can't go back and change things very easily so what you do is note it down on the side then when you type it in you try and remember what your thoughts were at the time. Have you ever tried to read your handwriting after a year being away from it? God is that special.
Anyway I'm about two thirds through and I finished reading the handwritten pages and there is no way I can leave it the way I've ended it. I'll have to carry on when I get there. The two main characters deserve better. Couple of Kansas City detectives that know their stuff. Wish me luck.

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