Sunday, November 6, 2011


I'm sorry I haven't written much lately but I've been busy writing another novel. In the middle of it now but I thought I'd give my self a break and learn something while giving anyone that wanted a Grammar lesson. I know I can use all the knowledge I can get when it comes to Grammar. So I thought I'd start at the beginning and as I say a lot in my novels "clarify". Anything that has quotes is from "The Writer's Digest Grammar Desk Reference" by Gary Lutz and Diane Stevenson. Let's get to our first and most basic lesson.

"Proper nouns vs. common nouns; A proper noun names one specific person, thing, or place (Woofy, Mount Everest), whereas a common noun names a class or group (dog, mountain).

Concrete nouns vs. abstract nouns: A concrete noun refers to a material object (the table, a dog), whereas an abstract noun refers to something intangible (love, art).

Count nouns vs. noncount (or mass) nouns: A count noun identifies something that can be preceded by many or fewer, and can become plural with the addition of -s: fewer coins, many rivers. A noncount noun designates something that cannot become divisible, such as money, tuberculosis, or happiness. Noncount nouns can be preceded by much and less. Thus He ate fewer cookies today is correct, not less cookies, and I prefer less cream in my coffee is correct, not fewer cream. Often, abstract nouns are noncount nouns as well: honor, duty, authority, love.

How about all of that info. Actually I'm going to have to read it over again and probably again. That count and noncount stuff confused me.

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