Monday, December 26, 2011

Hey There,

I recently was posed a question by my dear wife. Why shouldn't we stop providing for the rest of the world and pull our ranks back to our shores and become a little more isolated and stop this funneling of every extra penny we have to everyone but ourselves?
It was a good question and one that I had to think about for a moment. I finally said; To me it's like knowing someone hated me for whatever reason and for lack of a better one let's say it's my religion. I'm not one of them so I should die. So what should I do. I have a gun and I'm in this little world of people that have nothing to do with the melee but will become collateral damage if I stay here to protect them. Should I go out and find this person that wants to kill me in his own little world or wait for him to come to me and kill him. I'm certainly on my own turf that I know better than his but still in the wind is that someone besides me will get hurt, maybe all of them. Who knows when a killer has killed me what he's going to do next.
Isolationism is good up to a point but since we know that we can be killed and will be killed by known assassins it's my thought that I should take the fight to their little world and be ever vigilant about collateral damage.
Protecting ourselves sometimes creates unsolvable problems that are best looked at in their basic forms then we can react accordingly.

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