Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hey There,

Here's another author for those that like tongue in cheek, sarcasm at its best and a sense of humor that will crack up most people; Nelson DeMille should be on your list of must read authors. Besides his humor he can tell a good story. A story where if it was another author some people like me would get tired of the fluff and close the book never to pick up that author again. He's not like that at all. He can make the mundane set up sound good and make you want to turn the page just to see what kind of crap he's got his characters into next.
From the books of his that I've read I think the character I like the best is John Cory. He works kind of for the FBI but not really. He's a retired NYPD homicide detective that works in the Anti Terrorist Task Force with his FBI wife that he takes constantly out on that proverbial limb that just about breaks every time using his unique and somewhat strange skills.

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