Friday, January 20, 2012

Hey There,

What a wonderful morning at the coffee shop here in Duluth. It's 7 degrees, not much wind (thank God) and the coffee shop is just about a half a block away. (Which is good in this weather) Grace had a white chocolate machioto. She gave me a taste and if I liked cinnamon and white chocolate I would have drenched myself in it. Boring old me just had dark roast regular coffee with of course cream and sugar.
We met a friend there for conversation and coffee. Both were good and the one thing that I can say for Duluth is that Minnesota Nice is alive and real up here. What a wonderful place to live and work. For that matter I better get back to work on my latest novel. The last in the series of Ross and Jena. Maybe the last for right now but who knows, I don't think either one of them die in this one, at least I don't think so right now but that can always change.
Jena is still in a wheelchair from the last outing and Ted lost his leg and Ross got shot in the ass again so we'll see what comes down the pike.

Talk soon,

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