Thursday, May 8, 2014

What I love to do

Hey There,

     Thought I was dead for a while but nooooot. I've been working on getting my books online and creating the real books for the people that just have to have a physical book in there hands at night while laying in bed to wander off into never, never land. My characters do go off into far away places at times hunting down drug or human traffickers, or just finding a new set of elements of chemistry that the Mayan people were given by aliens. That's all in "The Friday Night Dance Club". That one was a great one to write.
     I've also been working my fool head off helping people in my apartment building. I created a Art, Gift and Bake Sale that all of us old folks have jumped into. It's one of the most satisfying things I've done in my life. People that haven't been out of their apartments for months at a time are finding a renewed sense of purpose and are working to produce something for sale.
     I didn't let them put in their rummage, they had to create something from scratch. Leather work, dishcloths, clothing lines, plastic canvas art and even frames that use Lake Superior rocks. We just finished our 3rd sale and it was a great success. The bake sale and lunch sales netted a good profit for our 501C3 not for profit organization. The money goes for taking us old farts to different events like the Maritime Museum, Pontoon Boat rides down the St Louis river and on and on and on. One by one I'm getting people up and doing something instead of sitting and watching the boob tube.
     Grace, my greatest cheerleader and wife constantly pushes although she's had a severe Vitamin D deficiency which is a whole other blog. One day I'll get into the trials and tribulations that she's been through.

Thanks for listening,

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