Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Muse

My muse is getting better and better all the time. She is giving me stuff from her life that will create a great character in my next novel I will be writing soon. Look for it sometime next spring or summer. I think what I'll do while I'm writing the book I'll put passages on my blog not about the plot but about the characters that develop. They're probably more important than the plot anyway. Besides whatever may be the most important has nothing to do with what I love and I love my characters. Even the bad guys and gals are wonderful to write about.
When these guys come out of nowhere and they're in my head and keep banging on the inside of my skull to get out now that's a character you can't refuse. Dr. Bob of course I'm the closest too. He's my alter ego but Bob Stewart, Scanlon, Stricland, Detective Stephan Von De Cruz may have been my best although Gerald Kline was right up there and he was bad guy. Damion and his brother weren't bad. Bunch of nasty people those guys. Wouldn't want to even sit down and have dinner across a table with them. Sid was the perfect gentleman and organizer of all that was good. He took care of everything. You'll understand when you read "The Friday Night Dance Club" although he'll be in the third book of the "The Friday Night Poker Club" trilogy.
Now if I can just get someone to do this damn editing. Of course if someone was going to hire me to do it they couldn't pay me enough.

Talk soon,

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