Wednesday, August 25, 2010


God this has been the week from hell, kind of. My computer crashed and although most of my writing was recovered I had to use another laptop and a different program and to tell the truth I might as well sat around and twiddled my thumbs for all the good it did me. It took me that long to get used to the new program. Dan the computer man said I'd love the program. Well maybe after a week of screwing up everything and finally getting it right but in that mean time Holy God Almighty. I wanted to scream and throw the damn thing against the wall. I was sure that the computer wasn't reading my key strokes and as it turned out it wasn't because the key pad had to be stroked a little harder than this one and invariably anything hit with my little fingers didn't get the key all the way down. I was hitting the backspace key more that any other key.
Okay that's enough bitching, I need to get back to work.

Talk soon

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