Sunday, December 19, 2010



I'm not sure that anyone reads this yet, but I'm back. I've had an awful time with my computer again. It's old like me and cantankerous like me. Sometimes I don't want to work and neither does it. I don't usually drop out for a month but I guess ole Betsy here needed the rest or at least the wireless card inside her.
She did let me write though and I finished another shot-em-up adventure. Jena Freeman and Ross Weiner made it through about 500 pages without getting... Whoops I almost gave it away. One thing I can say is that Ross get's shot in the ass more than once and Jena has about as much sympathy as a frog.
I'll post some of the book on the web site this week sometime so you can get a sample. It'll be about another couple of months before I have another one ready, hopefully sooner.

Talk soon,

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