Thursday, December 23, 2010

Something New


Just wanted everyone to know that there's a new face to my website, Day of the coming. A very good friend of mine, Art Hadley, that I've know ever since Kindergarten at OLGC in Kansas City, has produced some real magic that he e-mailed me yesterday and to tell the truth both Grace and I had our jaws drop in awe when we saw it. It was and is absolutely amazing. He's a true artist.
Also I was out having a morning smoke walking along the sidewalk of 44th doing my morning pacing and seeing if snow needed to be shoveled and watching the dogs as they ran around trying to find a place to relieve themselves and the first few lines of my next book of Jena and Ross came to me. I think it's kick ass but what do I know. I just hope everyone that reads it thinks the same. Grace laughed at it so it has got some merit.

Talk soon,

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