Monday, December 27, 2010

New Face to my website


I just can't say enough about an old friend of mine that's kicked it up a notch and did it for me. Art Hadley and I have known each other since I think it was kindergarten. That's a long, long time and it also says exactly how old I am so I'm not going to give that away but I will say I'm old as hell. I don't know what Art would say about his age.
Suffice to say though I think some of us get better with age and he's one of them. He just put a new face to my web site and not only did he kick it up a notch he kicked ass. I'll be posting the actual web address later this week so you can just click it and get right to it. You need to take a look and see what he's done. Grace and I just stared at it with our jaws on the floor. It was amazing work. I'm hoping that he'll do more for me soon.

Talk later,

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