Monday, June 21, 2010

Another beautiful day in Duluth

Sorry I haven't been blogging the way I should but I had to take a trip down south to Kansas City where I'm from. Had some business to take care of. But I'm back now and had probably one of the best times ever with silly Gracie, my wife. You should get used to me talking about her because first, she's crazy and second, she's another bitch from hell (or at least can be) and third, she's my all time favorite person to be around.
Like I said I had a great time on this run just because she was there. She is the one that has inspired my next novel. Working Title "Two Old People". Of course I'm talking about the two of us and the mental escapades that we both travel and usually not in unison. It should be a funny book; at least we laughed our asses off at ourselves and in between the tears she would write down quips from the conversations that at least one of us would have later.
I'll write some more soon.

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