Friday, June 11, 2010

Just to update

I'm going to finish the rest of that novel "Bad Day" when I'm done writing this last one. I don't even have a working title for this one yet but I'm only about 300 pages into it. This one follows Stricland and Scanlon through more adventures of the homicide division out of Kansas City, Missouri. They are very good at their job, of course. They coupled up in my first novel and now they just kind of run the show from a distance, you might say. Too good to quit and too in love to stay on as paid employees.
Her money lets them do a lot of things in a more upscale way but what's most important to her is her relationships with Stricland, Townsend, and Bobby. Yeah, they do their detective work but most criminals are a bunch of dummies. Most detectives are usually smarter than the norm but every once in a while there comes a good one that is called in to find the perpetrator. I put plenty of twists and shoot 'em ups and close calls and some surprises that even surprised me. Damn, it's fun writing, especially when you don't know how the book is going to unfold. I have as much fun as I hope you readers will have all curled up next to a blazing fire, with a glass of wine or a great beer (My son-in-law is turning me on to different beers of late.), your favorite blanket keeping you warm and just enough light to read by, but not so much that it ruins the mood.
Hell, where's my beer and blanket. I've got to go.

Talk soon

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