Saturday, October 16, 2010



Okay that was a long one and I just want to go to sleep and wake up some time next week. "The Friday Night Dance Club" ended up around 600 pages. It was a long one and I almost scrapped the whole thing when I first started reading it and then as I edited and edited and took stuff out and put stuff in it started to make sense.
I want everyone to understand why I wrote the book and that it took a lot of doing on my part to figure it out but as I was talking to a friend the other day it was one of those dawning experiences.
I'm very troubled about all the violence and mayhem that goes on not only around the world but in our back yards too. It seems as certain people don't care how they screw up other peoples lives. It's just about them and that's it. They go around not caring what they do to people.
Take burglary for instance. Yeah they just take things and that's it. We can replace them and we all say that at least no one got hurt. That's not true. That person goes to bed every night for months or years feeling violated and out of control. They don't sleep well, they wake up tired and this goes on and on. They're scared not only for themselves but for their family. They wake to a reality that even they are not safe. That they had been kidding themselves forever.
I could go on and on but it would become redundant at best. Everyone knows the extent that people are hurt mentally and spiritually but we try our best to downsize it hoping that if we make it small enough it will go away. IT never does no matter how small we make it.
I wanted to write books that took our lives back. Out of nowhere people rise to the occasion and stop the crap and most importantly they move into the real rules of the game. Not ours but the rules the bad people play with. And even more important than that is that the good people tear the creeps apart and kill them not leaving any of them alive. Going through the slaughter and finishing off the wounded with out a care in the world. Yes they are the judge, jury and executioners.
Yes these people are made into vigilantes but the bad guys have only themselves to blame because they just flat pissed these people off. Maybe someday we'll all get our revenge for having our minds, bodies and spirits taken from us. I hope so and I hope I'm the one that does it. I'm finally getting old enough that prison doesn't scare me much anymore.
Did I just write all of this? Yeah, I guess so.

Talk soon

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