Saturday, October 2, 2010



That's right OMG. I hope I'm putting that down right. It looks as though the computer geek has done it. Not only can you buy the hard copy of my first book "Day of the Dogs" but you can even get it as an e-book for $5.00. What a damn deal that is. You can't buy a hamburger for that around here unless it's at McDonald's dollar meal and you know what you'll get there.
Just think the book will give you hours and hours of enjoyment while the burger is long gone. Oh well just trying a sell job on everyone. I really do hope everyone that reads it has a good time. Hopefully I can take you away from your world and set you in another and give you some time away from your worries.
That's what I look forward to the most when I'm reading. Going away for a while not having to think about what little troubles I do have. Of Course between writing and reading I don't have much time to think about my troubles anyway. "It's a good thing" as Martha Stewart would say.
Hope you enjoy.

Talk soon,

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