Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Guess it's time


Guess it's time to write another blog. I'm kind of limp on just exactly what's going on because I'm EDITING again. Damn it. A writer shouldn't have to edit his stuff. It's such a waste of time. The whole business of writing. Not writing but the business of writing. I need a program that will do all the editing for me and even change sentences around so that they sound better and make more sense. Where is that program. It could scan all the work that I've done then it would know how I write then change things when I screw up. It would naturally take the "it's" and turn them into "its" and the "their" into "there" and the "you" into "your" and on and on and on.
When I get into the zone I never worry about those words or many like them because I'm in the zone writing the plot and I could care less about the words. Of course when it's all over then I have to care and the tedious job starts. I hate tedious jobs. but as a starving artist I guess I'll have the tedious work to do. Maybe one day someone that loves tedious work will need a job and I'll be able to afford it and I can help that person fulfill their dream and I get to fulfill mine. What a wonderful world it is.

Talk soon,

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