Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Look


Wow, what a day I had yesterday. Dan the computer man and I spent the day getting things done on the web site and on this blog. If you get a chance you ought to take a look at the web site
http://dayofthedogs.com I'm real proud of what Dan, and Art have done. There are even Google ads on this blog spot. This is a hoot. And what's more I look forward to having more books on line all the time. I've got fifteen or so just lurking around either in the recesses of some flash drive or collecting dust mites in some composition book. I can't wait for people to read them.
"Last Ones Standing" one of my newest should be up and online in the next few weeks. My muse had nothing but good things to say about it and it even touched her heart in a couple of places. An Author can't ask for much more.

Talk soon,

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