Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My new website

I wanted to tell anyone and everyone that my website is up now and I think you can even buy my e-book "Day of the Dogs". I really hope that there's someone listening and reading out there. It's cheap and easy and I can't wait for my book to become the best seller of all time. Ha. Well maybe, stranger things have happened. I really want to thank Dan Ribell for all the computer work he's done so far and all the work that there's left to do.
I hope you like my writing style because I've got so many novels set to go online. It seems maybe that I'll get one on about every three months or less depending on how fast I can transcribe and edit all those novels sitting around gathering dust. I'm excited to hear the comments both bad and good. It's subjective and I know I won't please everyone but everyone that's read any of my works so far have all said nothing but good things.
Of course I'm not so foolish to think that they all like it because it's tough to look a person in the eye and tell him he's full of crap. Well unless you don't like the person. I think or at least hope people at least like me.
Again look for my book at

Talk soon.

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