Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Time to Write

I was just in the Writers Den and basically the point is to shut up and write. So here I am writing. The only time I get to sit and write without either the cats or the grand-kids or my Gracie or the other hundred interruptions that heckle my life every day is early in the mornings like this when everyone else is asleep, even the cats. Don't get me wrong I have to feed the little bastards first before they leave me alone to my thoughts for an hour.
I'm going to start my next novel soon and as I said in the Writers Den all I do is grab a character out of my head and let him or her take over the book. This next one I think is going to be Ross Miller. A man like Jobe that has lost everything and the universe is still trying to kick his ass all over the place. We'll see what he does with the story.

Talk soon,

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