Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My wife, what a wonderful critique

My wife finished my last novel and asked me whether it was good having Stricland and Scanlon solve so many murders in one book? "Doesn't everyone write about just one?"
I had to tell her the truth. My guys are better than the rest. She laughed at me. So I laughed back at her.
"What are you thinking? Better than Harry Bosch or Alex Cross?
"Yeah." Was my immediate and somber reply.
"God you suck."
With that retort I had to explain my theory. (I don't think she was listening but I love to talk too). Most cops aren't dumb and most killers are that smart. Serial killers get away with murders because of two reasons. No rhyme or reason and they travel outside a typical murder zone of most. Now I should say no "rhyme or reason" to the average human being.
With that explanation she still told me I sucked and I said "Right back at you".
How was that for a come back? I think it's time we gave due where due belongs and most detectives have a good head on their shoulders except they believe everyone is guilty of some heinous crime. Oh except for their partner and themselves and they're never totally sure of their partner.

More to come about the beautiful Scanlon and the smile that takes her breath from Stricland.

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