Monday, July 12, 2010


Okay I'm going to start with S&S and stay with them today. Stricland was the first person for me to meet in the last two novels I've written. He was pretty much an ass when I first met him. All introverted and barely able to speak to anyone or maybe he didn't like speaking to anyone or maybe he just didn't like anyone so he didn't speak to them. He is a great detective and didn't like all the unnecessary talking. He was in his head all the time. He didn't need someone messing up his thought patterns with crap. He had gone through partner after partner that couldn't stand the quiet that he left them in all the time. He'd go about solving the murder cases by himself doing all the work at the murder board in his head and even doing the paper work at the end.
Captain Rod, a big burly man that has a temper at the drop of the hat, finally brought in Scanlon. A beautiful woman from vice that needed a change after years on the street trying to find the killer of her husband. She saw right through Stricland and went about giving him a dose of his same medicine which he fell in love with. She didn't like him, of course, in the beginning but got the hang of it quickly and spoke less than he did. Drove him crazy. Hence they fell in love.
They couldn't work together and have a romantic liaison so they went to the Captain and told him they were quiting but they'd stay on as consultants. It's worked so far and they have a great time catching killers and being shot at and saving lives.
They have some odd quirks but don't we all.

Tell more soon.


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