Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meeting of the Minds

Okay now I'm on the road. Traveling with my computer. I'm about 20 blocks away. Aren't I daring. And besides I'm here with the computer whiz just in case something goes wrong. God I'm free at last yes I'm free at last. Now all I need is to find a battery so that I could really be free. Then just think of all the havoc I produce. Walking and typing or typing and walking. What so you mean I can't do that. Yes I can because I built this special shoulder contraption that makes a desk right in front of me so I can type, chew gun and write too. Maybe I'm in a manic phase right now, I'm not sure but when I built that shoulder harness all I had to do was tear up my daughters baby carrying device. She was only a little mad especially since I told her that I'd give her part of the royalties from the greatest invention known to man. Okay I'll shut up and go away for today but look for me soon.

Talk soon

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