Friday, August 13, 2010

More cool Stuff


Jena is shaping up nicely. She is so different than my first muse. Gracie was my first and you'll see her in "Day of the Dogs" "The Friday Night Poker Club" and a few others. The gal will always be tall, blue eyed, dark hair and gorgeous. That's my Gracie.
Jena is five foot on good day in heels. She's little and mean. She been through so much in the first part of her life she up and changed. She learned how to hurt people physically and use her small size to do it. She is as fast with her wit as she is with a punch to the groin. She leaves no enemy standing and has a badge on her tit so she stays out of jail. She doesn't care if it's the tit or the badge.
The bad guys will be fooled by her sweet smile and sexy aura and the way she struts her stuff. She's got the stuff and she uses it to her advantage but never where it might really count.

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