Friday, August 6, 2010

What a wonderful world

I think Jimmy Stewart would be having the time of his life now with all the new gadgets out on the Internet. I know I am with blogging and face book and the fact that I get to not only write novels but blogs and e-mails back to people I've known over the years.
I just was found by my cousin Wanda. She was a major highlight of my life way back when. This dates me so bad. It was at least 40 years ago that she and I went on a double date where she ended up spilling beer on the guy I had fixed her up with. Dave was not at all pleased with the result of the date. Of course while I was talking to him I was astounded by the bad behavior of my cousin. She had embarrassed me totally. Not really and God did she and I laugh at his expense. I feel bad but I still laugh at her antics. What a girl.
She was also a patient of mine while I did my thirty as a chiropractor. She had it tough for a while but she was one of the ones that taught me how to be tough in the face of extreme obstacles. The whole doctor patient thing doesn't lend to explaining any details but I can surely say that pound for pound that little girl was tough enough to survive the worst.
I admire anyone that had the odds stacked against them and then comes out the other side a better person. She was one of them. One tough bitch that my hat is off for and wanting to know more about the rest of her life. I hope she tells me as time goes on. I know there's a novel based on her brewing in this beady little brain of mine.

Talk soon,

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