Monday, March 21, 2011

A Big Surprise


Last night I got the biggest surprise of my life. Well maybe not the biggest but it's up there in the top ten. As everyone should know by now that I'm the proverbial starving artist. Writing and sending off manuscripts and doing my own thing on the web with the help of some great people. I should have known that I couldn't do it myself. Art doing the book covers, Dan doing the computer work and taking care of the store, Grace editing and keeping me on task (the task Mistress) and my daughter and son-in-law giving me a roof over my head.
Now my daughter and son-in-law come to me last night and gave me a hundred bucks and says for me to buy the e-writer software program that I've needed for the last few months to get my stuff into Kindles. I couldn't believe the generosity and love. His only real comment was "that's what family is for and look all that you've done for us". I'm not sure what I've done but I'll keep doing it whatever it is.
I also wanted to take a moment and say for all to see that all my creative work is to pass on to my wife first then Michael and Melody and their three kids only. They are the ones that have believed in me and my work and they should have any profits that might just come from them.
Okay I've said enough for one day so just remember and the proceeds go to the kids. All I need is a little food and water, well make that coffee so I can stay awake longer.

Talk soon,

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