Saturday, March 19, 2011

This is new


This is new at least for me, Hawaiian Music. The gentleman Art Hadley that does my book covers has got a thing for Hawaiian Music. Try out Hawaiian Music 101. I'll get the URL soon. I listened last night and tried to write more of the Ross and Jena book but couldn't because the music was so soothing my anger just wouldn't come through to the page. I wrote about three pages and then dumped it all. It was too much of a (how should I say this nicely) pansy maybe.
I know what I'm going to write listening to that music though. A great love story because that's about all that fits with that music. It was really great and I loved sitting in the middle of the night all alone and listening to something that soothed and calmed the tattered soul.

Remember to look at my website , you'll have fun just reading the the teases.

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