Monday, March 28, 2011

Hey There


I had to update to tell about yesterday. Starting out wasn't what I would call waiting with baited breath for the upcoming events but as it turned out it was great. We went to the Mall of America and what a place to shop and ride roller coasters. I can't ride them anymore because of and inner ear thing but I can watch and have just about as much fun as the people riding them. Grace was caught having so much fun that I've put the pic up as my wallpaper on my desktop. Even the kids being a little on the sick side didn't deter any of us, even them, from having a great time.
And about my inner ear? It doesn't seem to stop at roller coasters but when we went through Sea Life, an underground aquarium that has you walking through tunnels with water on three sides, the movement of the water against the curved glass gave me a hard time focusing then of course the inner ear started wondering what it was doing instead of doing it's job and I had to walk out of there with my feet a little wider apart than normal (okay maybe a lot wider) looking like a drunk ready to puke.
It was worth it though seeing the sharks and seahorses but my favorite was the sea turtle. they almost look you could give them a hug.

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